Allison’s Gate – ‘2008-2016’

Confession: Allison’s Gate – or as she’s known on her birth certificate, Carolina McPhail – is a friend of mine. Disclaimer: that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because ‘2008-2016’, the first track from her upcoming album Sink or Swim to be released on Brighton’s Memorials of Distinction label, is beautiful. In the time […]

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Alexandra Savior -Mystery Girl

To quote a YouTube comment, “if Alex Turner and Lana Del Rey had a child, it would be Alexandra Savior!” Creepy and a little uncomfortable for respective spouses though this is, it does make a kind of sense. Between the Wes Anderson/Roman Polanski-like aesthetic, the depth, rasp and lofty heights of the vocals and the grit […]

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Track of the Day: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi Love

It is officially Summer to the point that my scalp has already completed one burn to revolting peel cycle, which means only one thing (musically anyway): it’s time for Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Not that it’s ever not time per se, but there’s something wonderfully satisfying about listening to Ruban Nielson’s frenetically sweet vocals and arrangements, doused in […]

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