CHAT – Sound Of The Sirens

You may have heard of these two, you may have not. If you were firmly in the “not” department, chances are you’re soon to be in the overwhelming minority. With a second album due for release early May, it’s looking like Exeter’s folk-rock duo Sound Of The Sirens will be riding the wave of their first album’s success right to the bank. Already garnering impassioned support from BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans, appearances on TFI Friday and support slots with the likes of Rick Astley (who it seems, really never did give up), they’re back with a national tour, a blossoming fan base and a new batch of magic tricks up their ethereal sleeves. I caught up with Hannah Wood and Abbe Martin, the brains behind the outfit, to check in on all things mythically musical:
So Sound Of The Sirens, what’s your back story?
We met working in Exeter’s ‘Timepiece’ nightclub. We’d sing together on the way home after work. After a while we joined a functions band and started writing our own music and branched out, and so Sound of the Sirens was born!
You guys have been really busy recently: what have been your big highlights from the last year?
Where do we start! We had so many big festivals last year like Cropredy, Isle of Wight, and Car Fest. Making an album and working with a producer has been a great experience for us. Supporting Rick Astley, bumping into Bryan Adams at a festival, making music videos… we’ve been spoilt!
These Devon dates are just a fragment of a wider national tour right? Do you find that people respond to your music differently in different places?
We have a great fan base in the Southwest and it’s so exciting picking up new fans all over. We have a lovely crowd in Manchester….we love the Northerners. We seem to attract a generally nice and enthusiastic crowd. They have great energy and are great to chat to after gigs. Overall, people are supportive and encouraging all over our country!
Photo Courtesy of A. Deuchar
Live music is sadly struggling in a lot of places across the country. Have you noticed this, and do you have any bright ideas on how to help it?
We have noticed this….playing in great venues that stop at a certain time, kick out the crowd and turn into a nightclub. It’s so hard for venue owners and bands these days. If we could only buy music at live events would this encourage people to go out and support live music? However..  this would mean no downloads etc and that’s revenue, so clearly we aren’t business minded. Maybe ban all Talent shows on TV and encourage these events to take place in venues within cities?…..maybe another bad idea. Oh, here’s a good one… a free beer for everyone who buys a ticket to a gig? Free beer can’t be a bad idea, but again it’s not free ….oops.
What’s your favourite thing about Devon?
Pasties, Dartmoor, beaches, rivers, wild ponies, pubs, cider, live music and art!
Do you have any great Devonian music tips for us?
 Don’t leave just for the bright lights….there is so much going on here. Our county is full of opportunity! Have a listen to Haunt the Woods, Wildwood Kin, The Lures, Mad Dog Mcrea, Sadie Horler, The Loft Club, and The Fab Beatles.
 What can we expect from the new record and the live performances?
We’ll be playing a mixture of old and new material. We’ve worked with a producer and so the album sounds fuller than what we’ve made in the past, but nothing that can’t be replicated live. We’ve discovered 60’s fashion and have been living in charity shops… maybe wear sunglasses as we’re dressing quite vibrantly!

If you could give any advice to aspiring musicians, what would it be? 

Keep gigging, keep being the yes people and grab those opportunities. Make music from your heart and believe in yourself and what you are capable of achieving. Never give up!

Catch Sound Of The Sirens at Plymouth’s PCSA on the 10th, Exeter Phoenix on the 11th, and The Factory in Barnstaple on the 12th May. The new album is released on the 5th May. Keep up with all of their dates at

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