This week’s inadvertently taken more of a production turn. Where a year ago the bulk of our Uploads might have been guitar based, be that singer-songwriters or bands, the range of tracks we’re now being sent is astounding. So sit back, crank the headphones up and prepare for smooth electronica, RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz, Shoegaze, Rock and general fantasticness across the best seven tracks to hit BBC Introducing in Devon in the last seven days.

JKP ft. Amy J Pryce – Against The Wall

We’ve loved what JKP’s been up to for a while now. Since we were sent the incredible ‘Crossfire’ we’ve been keeping a weather ear open, and we’re not the only ones. The pulsating broodiness of his James Blake and Flume inspired production style’s caught not only our attention but Radio 1’s Huw Stephens’, who this week made ‘Against The Wall’ his BBC Introducing tip. It was a good shout. The crackling heights of Pryce’s vocals linger beneath the literally subaquatic depths of the track. I say literally – fingers crossed you’re neither thirsty nor need the loo for this one. All I’m gonna say.

Check out JKP’s Soundcloud here

DYSON – Up All Night 

Without doubt one of the most polished and air-ready tracks I’ve ever seen drop into the inbox, ‘Up All Night’ follows in the wake of our own Tiny Folds’ pop success at Radio 1’s Big Weekend and sits in the vein of major pop vocalists like Ariana Grande or Jessie J. Insanely catchy, bursting at the seams with feel good beats and soaring vocals, its no wonder that Plymouth’s Dyson calls the likes of Perez Hilton and Randy Jackson fans. Confession time: I’m not a pop fan. I often find it hollow and with a bit of a factory batch feel. This however is an exceptional track and if I were music consulting for a fun-in-the-sun- we’re-young-and-gorgeous 90210 type commercial, I’d be all over this like sunburn.

Check out Dyson’s Youtube channel here

SKINZMANN & Izzie Gibbs ft. Flirta D – Blacked Out

This track is intense. A major production by Devon Hip Hop producer SKINZMANN in cahoots with Izzie Gibbs and Flirta D, the repetitive lyrical strains and Trap snares are like a semi-automatic just sticking holes all through your expectations of Devonian music. Punchy, a little violent and really freaking good, I’m more than a tad keen to see what else SKINZMANN and co. have to offer.

Check out Skinzmann’s Youtube channel here

Saunton Road – Stormy Water

This is one track which had me pretty excited from the off. With an opening redolent of All Them Witches, the vocals of Deap Valley and a dash of The Dead Weather, Saunton Road have come out of nowhere straight to the centre of my blues-rock fanatical BBC Introducing radar. I can only assume ‘Stormy Water’s called what it is because it’s like invisible, tyrannical currents; you think you’re safe and bobbing  pleasantly away. Agreed, until that cyclonic guitar riff comes in and blows you away all over again. I’m a huge fan.

Keep up to date with Saunton Road on their Facebook here

PATTERNS – Heaven I Want

I’ve seen PATTERNS (Daniel Clace’s nom de plume) in a different incarnation as frontman of his former band. With the voice of a young Morrissey and the stage presence of a Faris Badwan/Vince noir hybrid, he’s really quite a spectacle to behold. As PATTERNS, something of the glam-rock edge seems to have been reigned in, revealing in its place a more nuanced, shoegazey side. Dainty, considered Indie Rock that sounds as though it should be set to footage of folks having innocent fun in an open topped ‘stang in old school Cali, the new direction seems to be working rather well so far.

Check out PATTERNS on Youtube here

StevieRay Latham – Kristina

Take a dash of Jake Bugg and a sprinkle of Peacock Affect, another favourite BBC Introducing artist recently signed to Universal Japan, and you’re close to StevieRay Latham. Plaintive, lamenting and simple in his approach, ‘Kristina’ verges at times on the Country ballad, until a flick of a vocal turn takes him bak to the realms of the Indie singer songwriter. More poetry than conventional lyrics, StevieRay’s a stunning example of the merits of laying the lines bare to the listener. If they’re great, they can do they work all on their lonesome.

Check out StevieRay’s Youtube channel here

Izzie Anson – Gone

A resounding winner of our Devon Round Table on the show last week, this track is just screaming to be on the next John Lewis Christmas ad. Performed by the heinously talented Izzie Anson – she’s only 16, it’s a joke – the song sounds like the sort of thing a lot of bigtime belters seem to think they’re producing; heartfelt, raw and cathartic ballads. Maturely handled with a delicate touch and an astounding vocal, Izzie Anson’s sure to be making quite the name for herself in Jazz in the very near future if our reaction’s anything to go by.

Want the whole playlist? Look no further than right here

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