Track of the Day: God Colony ft. Flohio- SE16

Given how much music I sit and listen to on a regular basis, I keep a note of the tracks I really like so that I can head back and listen again. Usually it’s the standard format: artist name, track name. Not many get a triple underlined ‘SIIIIIICKK’ next to it. God Colony ft. Flohio’s ‘SE16’ though? That shit deserves FAR more.

First, God Colony. A production duo from Merseyside now based in London, they specialise in brittle concrete tipped beats with the hollow underbelly echo of an East End warehouse party. Their tracks just omit a sort of cool darkness, like that girl who’d sit in the back of the class drawing dead animals and smirking. You know, that one. Take their mix for Toddla T (Listen to the mix here); you just know that your parents would no way in hell approve of you listening to that. The filth just makes it better.

These guys then are formidable enough on their own. They’re not taking this  and rolling with complacency though, oh no. Cue instead, London MC Flohio. With the sort of venom you rarely see occurring in MCs without it feeling a little contrived, she storms onto the scene and basically kicks the shit out of it. After what seemed like an unbeatable turn on another God Colony track, ‘Steady’, she sees your expectations and hurls lyrics centred on her home – you guessed it – SE16 and her struggles into their gaping faces, spitting “really and truly, should have left me where you found me, down in that ditch with my family”. It’s difficult to think of a recent track that’s felt this alive in a really long time.

This combo of God Colony’s dark depths production with its new level of steel drum beats and almost tribal percussion and the venom that is Flohio’s verses is just disgustingly good. I’m glad she raps “why is this shit so hard… all I wanna do is write them bars”: quit all the hard shit Flohio, you and God Colony have got more tracks to make.


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