Track of the day: Ghostpoet – Shedding Skin

Another track which weirdly lurked amongst my happy holiday playlist. If a song could ever sound like an angry walk through a subway (as in underpass, not sandwich shop) in winter, this is it. Sultry yet hostile, bare and rugged, Mercury Music Prize nominee Ghostpoet’s rich vocals more soulfully speak than sing his bitter lyrics, effectively becoming the ‘voice deep in my head’ of which he laments.

You might be wondering then, why this made the holiday playlist: it’s not like I was striding through the wilds of Russia or the backstreets of Chicago after all, I was in bloody Crete for Christ’s sake. Basically it’s because not only is this an astounding song and a bit of a relief from the Hip-Hop and fun-time Rock’n’Roll which made up the rest of the list, but Ghostpoet’s really fun(ny) to sing along to. I’m not sure whether it’s an affectation or it is natural, but at the end of every line, without fail, he says ‘uh’. Not as in a separate word, but as in changing a line like ‘voice deep in my head’ to ‘voice deep in my headuh… simmer downuh’.

Don’t take this to be mocking; Ghostpoet has an astoundingly rich voice, but this is just a fun little thing that helps to make a dark song light when necessary. Full of belly-quivering bass-lines and stark confessional lyrics, ‘Shedding Skin’ is suitable for all occasions. Tried and tested fact that.

Watch Ghostpoet perform the track live here


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