Track of the Day: Joy Division – New Dawn Fades

This howling exorcism of a track comes from Unknown Pleasures, an album so iconic that fourteen year old girls can wander the streets in t-shirts of the album-art with zero clue as to who Joy Division actually are, full only of the knowledge that H&M think it’s cool and that it might have something to do with The Wombats.

Based on this bitter introduction you might have guessed that something’s got me pissed. Autumn’s got me pissed. Drizzle’s got me pissed. And that’s exactly why ‘New Dawn Fades’ is my track of the day. Guitars have never sounded more sullen and combined with the voice of the melancholy and doomed that is Ian Curtis, this is the wailing and petulant kick through the mulch that today was missing.  Thank you world’s most ironically named band.

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