Sold on Oldies: The Moody Blues

When I first heard this song I was completely convinced that the line was ‘KNIGHTS in white satin’. Cue then a considerable amount of time spent imagining chivalrous dandies prancing around professing their love in some thoroughly ineffective armour, until I finally saw the title written down and felt like a prize prune. That aside, I’ve loved this song ever since (leading to the purchase of too many Moody Blues ‘Best Of’s’) and undoubtedly always will, not as the cornerstone of a nice anecdote on my stupidity, but because it’s just incredible. The vocals are so passionate that they just seem real, the strings melancholic and beautiful, the pipes bringing some of the melodrama back to earth and with it, the sentiment behind the spectacle. It’s impassioned, it’s imploring, and above all an unfailingly beautiful declaration of desperation. I just love it.

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