My favourite finds from this year’s Glastonbury (even though I wasn’t there)

Now there’s a reason that Glastonbury is the greatest and most prestigious music festival in the world today. Through the vision and outright stubbornness of the Eavis’ and against all the odds (and more particularly the petitions), Glastonbury festival remains boundary smashing and inventive, a place of parties, art, discovery and obviously, great music. So despite not being able to attend this year, I’ve started to pull together a few of my favourite bits that tweaked my curiosity and engaged mewith the full force of the Pyramid stage in full swing, despite how far away I was from the scent of mouldering bodies and piss in bottles. Here’s to my two favourite newbies.

Benjamin Booker – ‘Violent Shiver’

Sounding like a semi-comedic overture to a Tarantino fight, this rollicking deviI of a song made me put down my fork mid-meal and take note. Relentless in it’s vigour, this song currently holds more than two million more listens on Spotify than the next most popular thanks to its inclusion in the BBC coverage of the festival. So here’s a recommendation to that two million; listen to the rest. Between his understanding of melody, atmosphere and the impact his voice with all the warm scratchiness of a much loved blues record can have, he’s bloody good.

Songhoy Blues – ‘Soubour’

Following in the broad and globe-encompassing blues footsteps of Etran Finatawa and Tinariwen, fellow Malians Songhoy Blues mix modern song-writing techniques and instrumental collages pulled from Malian culture, the blues and Afro-beat to create something innovative, emotive and funkier than funk could ever have dreamed. After working with both the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Nick Zimmer and having backing vocals performed by none other than Damon Albarn, their next big gig at the infamous WOMAD festival might just boost their rep to the point of no return. While this clip isn’t from Glastonbury, the vibe is still more than strong enough with this one.

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