SINGLE REVIEW: The Arcs – ‘Stay In My Corner’

When I first heard that the debut tracks from Dan Auerbach’s new project ‘The Arcs’ were being released to coincide with the big Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, I won’t pretend I wasn’t a little dubious. Auerbach’s devotion to the sport’s pretty well known, but was he about to take it a bad decision too far and come out with some bizarre Rocky soundtrack gym track? When I finally plucked up the courage then to listen to ‘Stay In My Corner’, it was very much a ‘well thank fuck for that’ moment. Without the remotest twitch of a tiger’s eye, Auerbach and his pals (including Truth and Soul records founder Leon Michels and Black Keys’ touring bassist Richard Swift) have created a thriving blues-rock love song, all neatly centred on an allegorical boxing match. ‘Stay in my corner babe… I will fight for you, if you’ll fight for me too’ croons the inimitable Auerbach over a toe-tapping drumbeat and far more maracas than anyone ever expected through the involvement of all-female mariachi band Mariachi Flor de Toloache. With the recent release of their forthcoming album’s title, ‘Yours, Dreamily’, this taste of their talents suggests The Arcs are going to building a reputation all of their own. Black Keys who?

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