Wolf Alice: Gimmick or Great?

After an argument with my boyfriend on the matter, I think I have to clear some things up. I love Wolf Alice. I’ll openly admit that at first I was nonplussed to say the least, and I will say that my reason was the same as his; Ellie Rowsell’s waiflike vocals over the generally fairly heavy riffs at first seem like a damn strange choice. But then I listened some more and realised what a blinder of a combination it is, lying somewhere between a more melodious Blood Red Shoes and a gutsier Warpaint with a heck of a lot of indie-grunge splashed all over its face. Admittedly, the band would be good with a male lead vocal. But with Rowsell’s punchy California pop tones weaving through the strident guitar like honey with lemon juice, it’s no wonder that they’ve made the BBC’s Sound of 2015 list.

The all-male band fronted by a girl may once have been all about the gimmick, but not anymore. Top job Wolf Alice.

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