LIVE – Foxygen at the Electric Ballroom, Camden, London, 12/05/2015

In hindsight, the wait for Foxygen at the Electric Ballroom amidst a gaggle of beatniks, bankers and more than one bald old man swaying to 1930s circus music,all staring at a wall-consuming pentagram framed by flower bedecked microphones aptly set the tone for the ensuing onslaught. With a setlist focussed on last year’s ‘…And Star-Power’, Foxygen’s performance felt like some guys on acid had been told to make a decade-dance for every decade. ‘How does it feel to be old?!’ yelped the newly peroxide-topped France tauntingly as they lobbed rock’n’roll titbits – be it the doo-wop vocals and disco-dancing shenanigans of the Star girls, the punk thrashing, rigging-climbing and drumstick-fencing antics of the band themselves or the brief but brilliant psychedelic ‘Let it Be’ cover – at an enraptured audience whose participation peaked on the surprisingly anthemic ‘No Destruction’. With all the finesse and fearsomeness of a Jagger or a Bowie, France and his brothers and sisters in arms led the 45 minute battle cry with boundless energy and passion. Though aesthetic prowess sometimes detracted from acoustic, their vitality, adaptability and sheer joy still packed more of a ring-festooned punch than their records and left everyone, young and old, busting their grandma’s moves and feeling oh-so-fresh about it.

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