A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Alexandra Savior at Oslo, Hackney, 26/04/17

“You’re mesmerising!” yelped a grey-haired man to the twenty-one-year-old woman on stage in Hackney’s Oslo. Awkward giggles from the crowd followed. “Your hair looks great!” was soon added, along with my favourite heckle of the night simply for its simplicity, a repeated cry of “was that the one from True Detective”? Sadly the gentleman in […]

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Devon: The Festivals

The concept of a music festival is strange. Tribes of strangers gather in fields to stand around (usually in mud, frequently in puddles of stale beer), watch music which they’ve often never heard, and accumulate the sort of stench and sleep deprivation which would have them sent home from work. They’re wonderful. Nothing brings people […]

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CHAT – Sound Of The Sirens

You may have heard of these two, you may have not. If you were firmly in the “not” department, chances are you’re soon to be in the overwhelming minority. With a second album due for release early May, it’s looking like Exeter’s folk-rock duo Sound Of The Sirens will be riding the wave of their first […]

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